ASSE 6005 Medical Gas Generalist

ASSE 6005 Medical Gas Generalist

Course Instructor

MedGasCards MedGasCards Author


NITC Credentials Overview

What codes and standards regulate medical gas piping systms 

NFPA 99 Administrative

Chapter 5 Introduction

Medical Gas Source Locations

Materials and Components

Medical Gas Sources

Medical Air Compressors

Medical-Surgical Vacuum Central Supply

Oxygen Central Supply Systems Using Concentrators

Instrument Air Systems


Pipeline Components

Warning Systems (Alarms)

Medical Gas Distribution


Performance Criteria and Testing

Support Gasses

Operation and Management

Category 2 Systems

Category 3 Systems

Chapter 11 Gas Equipment

Chapter 14 Hyperbaric

Chapter 15 Dental

NITC Forms and Exam Submission

NITC Brazing

Final Review and Practice

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